Why does Elsumo exist?

The need for water is an unquestioned prerequisite. From the most basic drinking need to irrigation of agricultural land and industrial cooling requirements, it is the one natural resource that we cannot do without. Not shying away from the responsibility we have towards our clients, partners, resources and planet, we pride ourselves by not taking anything for granted. Elsumo knows that without our customers there will be no tomorrow.

In an era where service is considered to be neglected, it remains the highest priority, next to our responsibility to provide the right technical solution.

What makes us different?

At Elsumo we understand that, and as rational as possible have dedicated our efforts to provide our customers with the most efficient and economic water transfer equipment and concepts.

Serving agriculture, industry, mining and the domestic market, Elsumo looks back at a history of over 100 years in the water transfer sector.

With German heritage spreading over 4 generations, we firmly apply precision and expertise in all elements of our business.

How do we do this?

Specializing in freshwater transfer, groundwater abstraction, pressure boosting, circulation, dewatering, and sewage transfer, our team applies proven methodology and reliable equipment to look after our customer’s interest. As an Elsumo customer, you know that you will get the best service at all times.

Distributing out of Johannesburg and Cape Town, Elsumo carries a thorough variety of products to stand behind its commitment.